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Rio pulls it off!

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by Mark Lassise

The Olympics 2016 came to an exciting finish with the National Teams of soccer and volleyball bringing home the gold medals.  A ton of action in Rio de Janeiro with many great story lines including the final chapter of Michael Phelps career, the most decorated champion of all Olympians.  A few sad stories involving out of control athlete’s but for the most part a success.

The games started a little off-balance for the brazilian event organizers. Extremely long lines at Olympic Park causes many to miss events or just quick as the delays turned into hours that lead to many to miss events entirely.  Food options were very limited and to complicate matters the brazil way creates another step in the process by adding a pay window where you get you voucher to then wait in another line to claim you food or beverage.  But this is out hat to brazilians and us gringos that live here.

To Brazil’s credit they did address the bigger security threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism by bringing in 50,000 National Guard Troops focused on this particular issue. They must have taken the threats from ISIS seriously after watching the attacks in France, Germany, and the US in to account.  Since the days just before the opening ceremony most of the main roads and heavily visited tourist attractions have a good military presence.  Was the ISIS threat an empty one?  Let’s pray for a safe ending for the 2016 Olympic Games.

At a place like the Christ the Redeemer Statue where normally one would find a couple of park police officers now has solid numbers in various teams.  At Engenhão Stadium where the surrounding streets normally have no security giving an assist to the violent crime weekly occurrences.  Now it has a secure feeling when you walk the streets.  Police and many Municipal Guards are stacked in groups on the corners. Most citizens in this neighborhood hope this continues after the games leave our city.  Vamos ver (Let’s see)




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August 25, 2016 at 10:08 am

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