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Brazil Olympics: Stadium Report Engenhao

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Track and Field Event Stadium

6.1.16 – Mark Lassise

Engenhao Stadium in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro will host the Track and Field events during the Olympics of 2016.  This stadium has been under construction which seems to be the last 6 years.  They had problems with the previously finished construction and had to reconstruct parts of the stadium.  This reconstruction is still underway in a race to finish before the Olympics now 2 months and 4 days from today.

The location of the stadium could be an issue for those of you staying in the beach areas of the South Zone of Copacabana and Ipanema or West Zone of Barra da Tijuca.  Be aware the demographics of the area surrounding the stadium experiences daily crime.  I do live two blocks from the stadium and can report first hand there have been a number of armed robberies already this year.  The exit for the stadium has experienced multiple armed assalants stopping cars by groups, robbing them and then letting them go.  The doctor a woman who delivered my baby was one of the victims of such crimes.  You would think the police would then set up a camp every night there but that just doesn’t happen here.  I have to say this has not happened for many months but does happen.  Keep it in mind if you decide to travel by taxi.  My building was the site of armed robbery 3 months ago.  I occassionally hear gun fire in the middle of the night coming from the Complex do Alemao favela a few kilometers away from my neighborhood.

I DO NOT WRITE THIS TO SCARE PEOPLE!  I only want to inform visitors that are coming to Rio soon to enjoy the Olympics.  It will be a lot more fun for you if you are well informed and aware than blindly running around the streets of Rio like its a big party and nothing to worry about.  Most people are friendly in Brazil and you will encounter this.  They love foreign visitors.  But the dark side exist and this is the cold truth.

There are deep issues here and the streets are bubbling right now.  Unemployment is at a 10 year high and the financial crisis has intensified conflict between the classes.  The fact that billions have been spent on the Olympics is not going over well with the Brazilian people.  We have had hundreds of Protests across the country in the last couple months in the lead up to the Impeachment of President Dilma.

Stay Informed! Stay Vigilant!

Tchau For Now!






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June 1, 2016 at 8:12 pm

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