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AIB editorial

by Mark Lassise


Brazil. Brazil? Brasil!

I can’t tell you how many times someone has said, “you spelled Brazil wrong”. The history of Brasil is not hard to find. After the European discovery of the New World, Spain and Portugal became immediate rivals for the vast new lands. Portugal’s claim was established by a papal bull of Pope Alexander VI (1493) and by the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494), which awarded to Portugal all territory 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands, lucky him. I bet the guy who drew that up thought “..sucker born every minute” followed by a huge belly laugh… On January 1st, 1502 , the Portuguese admiral Pedro Álvares Cabral formally claimed the land for the Portuguese crown. Cabral’s ship returned to Portugal with a cargo of red dyewood, which was gathered along the shore, and from the name of the wood, pau-brasil, the new land acquired the name Brazil….? How did the letter change in six words? It’s funny isn’t it? This neurotic behavior manifests itself into a need to somehow control it and make it ours. From the metric system and weight to lacrosse to who was the first to fly to something as little as the spelling of Brasil.

Living here has given me a perspective on the controlling issues we have. It really goes deeper in my mind than well, it sounds like a “z”. If that was the case all of our “ph” words would be spelled with a “f” and so on.  America is like, some would say an only child who thinks every thing is his.  Take for instance soccer.  No one is the world calls it soccer because it is called futbol.  How did it change? Was someone playing a joke on America?  Did someone tell a lie, to keep America ignorant or worse?  was it as simple as;  we don’t like it because we didn’t invent it.   So, to knock it down a few steps the first thing we do is change the name to soccer.  I guess because every player is wearing socks.   And then we invent which I believe to be the best sport but not properly named football or futbol de americano…American Football as the world calls it.

I am sorry to step on toes here but American football is not football it is organized warfare.  Which I’m all for, I love the game!   I played it for many years and love the violence and strategy of it.   So, let’s call it what it is without borrowing the name. Maybe it goes back to the fight for our independence.  After we beat up England to remind them of their loss.  We taunted them by changing the English language, inventing New Hampshire and taking the most popular sport in the world that they just happened to codify, futbol and called it soccer.

The similarities are undeniable; 11 on 11, each team has territory, opposing goals, and can only use their feet and head. Wait a minute…there is no way this can be played in America because we get our hands on everything.  Okay this game is alright but we can make it better.   So, now you can touch the ball with your hands and knock someones teeth out, “perfect”!   Now let’s go change the world.   “Kids soccer is for girls and football is for men”.

But there is hope.  Competition breeds excitement for the world’s game.  We now have a good national team with recent wins against the likes of Spain and Egypt with very close games against Brasil.  The USA just qualified for the World Cup to be held in Cape Town, SA next year. Americans are the number one ticket buyers to date for this world event.   There is one thing to be said about America;  If you give us some time and patience we will adjust and play nice 😉  Good Luck to the US Futbol Team!   I hope to see a rematch of the high-spirited well-played FIFA World Championships match USA vs. Brasil.

But first let’s give Brasil back the “s”…:)


AIB editorial, Oct. 13th 2009

by Mark Lassise

Dia Das Crianças

Children’s Day is an event celebrated on various days in many places around the world. In Brasil it is on Oct. 12th, coinciding with Our Lady of Aparecida’s day, their Patron Saint and a national holiday.

The day of children. A great idea obviously invented by a man who made a promise to himself when he was a boy…He probably was playing futbol with his friends when the game got stopped short by an Easter Mass (Páscoa). Being pulled into the house by the ear for a cleaning because he was playing in his Sunday’s best. As he was scolded while Mom scrubbed his suit jacket, he wandered of into thought…”Man, when I get older..I am going to make a holiday for children…and we will rule the day”!

Well his dream was surely recognized around the world. October 12th is “último” for millions across Brasil. And not the only day dedicated to the children. It would take me a good while to count all the days here, I have witnessed kids enjoying a day all about them.  The celebration for children is infectious. Now I know everyone in every culture loves their children but its different. To my eye, it’s more…

AIB photo

There is a feel here I never experienced. Mom before your feelings are hurt and you pick up the phone, I did experience much love as a child and still do…;) maybe it’s the ocean , the beach, or the sun, the moon or…whatever the energy present. Children are important.

I mean, it’s not strange for someone to spend R$5000 on a kids party and not even a “special” party. My friend just spent that amount on his boys 6th and he’s not rich. The economy is good here but people still have worries and bills and debt…it doesn’t matter, the kids are still going to have a party. And a big one at that! I have been to many parties at these chucky cheeses on steroids, similar to a Nickelodeon tv show with slides and balls and games and a team of fun high schoolers with head phones conducting the events. I even crammed into the mini-roller coaster and zipped around under the glowing-green star-filled painted sky with a group of little ones.

I find it very difficult talking with kids in a tight space. You would think easier portuguese because of simpler conversations but no. They have the same pronunciation problems I have and their excited. So it is like talking to myself, I digress… on this day, I was alone on the beach for the dia da crianças, taking it in…

AIB photo

snapping shots…

AIB photo


AIB photo

taking it in…

AIB photo

realizing how lucky I am to have had a childhood that taught me to go after what I wanted, never stop dreaming and have no regrets in life…

AIB photo

and today we rule!

~american in brasil

RIO 2016 Summer Olympics

AIB photo

AIB editorial

by: Mark Lassise 3/10/09 (Oct.3)

Rio Olympics 2016

Dust your bikinis and speedos off for the Summer Olympics are coming to Rio de Janeiro. The Cidade Maravilhosa (marvellous city) will bring an energy, a passion, a spirit the world has never seen in an Olympic celebration. An historic decision to give the Olympics for the first time to South America. More than half of Rio’s Olympic venues are already constructed, and the Games will be held from August 5th to the 21st. This event will help this glorious city exponentially with the billions that will soon be injected into infrastructure. Creating good paying jobs in turn strengthening an already thriving marketplace…

I came to the Mayor’s office to offer my congratulations when the guard told me the office is closed today and Rio has not won the Olympic bid as of yet. I thanked him and moved on knowing that soon he would know I was correct in my belief. I jumped the 435 bus headed for Copacabana beach full of thought and reflection.

I did not come here with much money, only confidence in my knowledge and good spirit. Some would say I am crazy to do what I did, leave a stable good paying job in the center of Manhattan for Brasil. But I follow my instincts and vision brought me here. The eights weeks since moving here had been full of  adjustment, doubt, education, and relief because the gorgeous clear ocean keeps me balanced.  A solid belief in the reasons I am here with my family keeping me focused, thanks Mom. Knowing that one day my prophecy of Rio de Janeiro exploding with opportunity will come to pass.

We are about five minutes from Copacabana in bumper to bumper traffic, the bus is packed. I just gave half my seat to an old man which has caused me to lift my knees so I can fit, because my legs are long. I feel the ants crawling through my thighs due to the restricted blood flow. I am staring out the window trying to forget my pain when the streets erupt with an explosion of joy I have never experienced. I mean, the Ravens winning the superbowl in 2000 was great but doesn’t come close to this. Cariocas rushing from their homes, stores, bars screaming with tears of happiness for the world has finally recognized South America for more than a “third world” continent.

My eyes well as I take this as a sign to keep forging ahead, I pumped my fists in the air knowing my vision will come to pass. I stumble from the bus, my legs have not found themselves yet, and head to the beach. It’s a hot day so I untie my loafers, peel my shirt off and prepare my camera. The celebration on the beach awaits me.

With this great opportunity comes a lot of work. I have faith that President Lula and his team; Olympic bid president Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Mayor Eduardo Paes  and Governor Sergio Cabral will get to work right away. This weekend we celebrate, Monday we begin the work to host the 2016 Olympic games. AIB will do its part in reporting on the progress with a continued quest to educate on the truth of Brasil, as the land of opportunity and an amazing experience.

~american in brasil

enjoy the Rio 2016 official presentation… ~ Coastline drive to a Grumari sunset by Mark Lassise

State of Rio de Janeiro: Welcome to my new home, Rio de Janeiro… ~ a review of Rio on Trip Advisor by Mark Lassise

23/10/09 This is a great article about Sam Zell, the foremost expert on world investments. He has stated that Brasil is the number 1 investment destination in the world over the next decade. This  backs what I have been talking about for the last two years. Please call me to discuss your investment desires. 646-452-8700


26/10/09 Money Gram inked a deal with Itau and Unibanco banking giants in Sept to add 1000 locations.




Written by American in Brasil

October 13, 2009 at 10:19 am

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