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by: Mark Lassise 3/10/09 (Oct.3)

Dust your bikinis and speedos off for the Summer Olympics are coming to Rio de Janeiro. The Cidade Maravilhosa (marvelous city) will bring an energy, a passion, a spirit the world has never seen in an Olympic celebration. An historic decision to give the Olympics for the first time to South America. More than half of Rio’s Olympic venues are already constructed, and the Games will be held from August 5th to the 21st. This event will help this glorious city exponentially with the billions that will soon be injected into infrastructure. Creating good paying jobs in turn strengthening an already thriving marketplace…

I came to the Mayor’s office to offer my congratulations when the guard told me the office is closed today and Rio has not won the Olympic bid as of yet. I thanked him and moved on knowing that soon he would know I was correct in my belief. I jumped the 435 bus headed for Copacabana beach full of thought and reflection.

I did not come here with much money, only confidence in myself ad an inquisitive spirit. Some would say I am crazy to do what I did, leave a stable good paying job in the center of Manhattan for Brazil. But I follow my instincts here. The eight weeks since moving to Rio had been full of adjustment, doubt, realizations, and relief because the gorgeous beaches keep me balanced.  A solid belief in the reasons I am here with my family keeping me focused, thanks Mom. Knowing that one day my prophecy of Rio de Janeiro exploding with opportunity will come to pass.

At the moment; I am about five minutes from Copacabana in bumper to bumper traffic, the bus is packed. I just gave half my seat to an old man which has caused me to lift my knees so I can fit, because my legs are long. I feel the ants crawling through my thighs due to the restricted blood flow. I am staring out the window trying to forget my pain when the streets erupt with an explosion of joy I have never experienced. I mean, the Ravens winning the superbowl in 2000 was great but doesn’t come close to this. Cariocas rushing from their homes, stores, bars screaming with tears of happiness for the world has finally recognized South America for more than a “third world” continent.

My eyes well as I take this as a sign to keep forging ahead, I pumped my fists in the air knowing good things are coming. I stumble from the bus, my legs have not found themselves yet, and head to the beach. It’s a hot day so I untie my loafers, peel my shirt off and prepare my camera. The celebration on the beach awaits me.

AIB photo

AIB Photo

With this great opportunity comes a lot of work. I have faith that President Lula and his team; Olympic bid president Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Mayor Eduardo Paes and Governor Sergio Cabral will get to work right away. This weekend we celebrate, Monday we begin the work to host the 2016 Olympic games. AIB will do its part in reporting on the progress with a continued quest to educate on the truth of Brasil, as the land of opportunity and an amazing experience.

~american in brasil

enjoy the Rio 2016 official presentation…





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September 1, 2009 at 5:25 pm

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