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First Things First!

Definitely READ the book HOW TO BE A CARIOCA

BE CAREFUL WHEN DRINKING CAIPIRINHAS !!! You don’t want to wake up in the back of a taxi with the driver screaming at you and missing your belongings.  Not saying someone stole them…you probably gave them away!  This is the national delicious cocktail made with cachaça , sugar and lime (with choices of other fruits).  Drinking them will make you smile and dance, but after one too many you will fall over and sleep!  I would suggest having no more than three your first time as a test.

As far as beer goes… Skol, Brahma, and Antartica are the common big sellers equal to that of Budweiser or Miller. But for my taste; Bohemia, Brasil’s oldest beer, is the most tasty for me.  Draft beer is very popular now, you can’t go wrong with an ice cold “chopp” <shop> no matter which keg they are tapping. 

BE ALERT ALWAYS (Be this way everywhere you travel in the world)

You have chosen a great destination. Start your visit off with a worry free trip from the airport. Rio is beautiful and magical like no other, and like all other major cities in the world it has an underbelly. Experiencing Rio with a seasoned guide will greatly reduce your risk traveling here.

There are safe buses (REAL autobus) in service to and from the airport for R$7. I have traveled these buses and back them. Though, they do stop many times. If this is your first visit here call AIB for an escort. We will talk about Rio and answer your questions on our ride to your hotel.

Rio Onibus Routes and Maps are too many to list. I have chosen a few main routes for you below. If you have specifics to discusses, send me a message and I will respond in kind.

Price for onibus R$3.70


You are visiting a big dynamic city. Brazilians of Rio de Janeiro called Carioca(s) are the friendliest people hence the title “The Happiest City” (This was taken from a random travel survey looking for the happiest people in the world, I agree). They will gladly help you find your way, though you will need to know what to say.

There are however quite a few people, especially the younger generation, who know inglês but dont rely on this. You are in a foreign country so brush up on your brazilian;

Where is the bathroom?

Onde fica é baneiro? < own j-feca-ay-banyero >

Thank You

Obrigado < for men and women say > Obrigada

Do you have telephone cards?

você tem cartão de telefone? < vo say-tang-cartown-de-telefone >

Does this bus go to (fill it in)?

O ônibus vai (fill it in)? < o-o nibus-veye >

How much?

Quanto cust0? < quanto-kosto >

I’m sorry.

desculpe. < de scool pe >


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September 30, 2009 at 3:09 am

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